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March – June 2022

‘Lostwithiel Community Arts Trail’

With support from Tresorys Kernow funding I developed and curated Lostwithiel’s first ever town wide arts trail. The intention was to use art to celebrate the towns community, heritage, and environment and to deliver a public event which could support town regeneration.


In response to an open call and the theme - 'LOSTWITHIEL is…’ community members submitted art, photography, poetry etc which reflected personal experiences. A public panel then selected 39 works for reproduction for the trail.  The exhibition took place across 2 outdoor locations and within 12 curated shop windows and a map and guide led visitors around. The focal point of the event included a large outdoor sculpture which I produced with 8 participating community groups. 



“it was fabulous walking round town seeing such a diverse array of art, sculpture, poetry and more all done by local people. Fascinating, educational, and joyous. A wonderful event, thank you”.

“Well organised, very interesting, I like the way it included the local shops, the volunteers were well informed and so friendly, recommended to many others”.

“Overwhelming, experience – should become an annual event”

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